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Welcome to the Privacy page of Golf75 webiste.
Here we will explain the Privacy and terms of Golf75 webiste.


We approve most comments after a quick review — if they are not a computer generating tons of spam, or some tortured human soul spilling venom. We do review each and every comment manually and then we approve comments to show in the comment section. We do appreciate positive comments and related to our content. Some times positive comments got approve automatically by our system, And sometimes there are comments that need to be reviewed manually for approval. So please make sure to follow the rules and regulations of Golf75 website. If you have any concern regarding comments or comment section then you can contact us through contact page.


We might at times embed content like a video, image or any other content type from other sites, which we will use under Fair Review if they are not public domain.  Many posts are short enough you can get through them without pictures. If someone wants to embed their content on our website. They can contact us through our emails and can contact through contact us page on our website. We appreciate individuals and companies that contact us for embedding their content on our website. We give complete credit to the content creator who contact us for embedding their content.


To the best of our knowledge do not have cookies, even lurking between the lines. Furthermore, every user has the right to request the removal of any kind of data that they have entered under the influence of anything. Before moving forward make sure to accept our cookies system. We use cookies for safety of our users and visitors of our website. If you have any concern regarding our cookies system. You guys are welcome to ask any question regarding cookies on our website. Anyone can contact through contact us page. You can find the contact page easily above on our website.

Children’s online privacy protection act:

Under this act, we go further: we don’t post content for children under 63.  We suspect anyone under 63 still thinks they might live forever.  We make sure here that our website do not post content for children. Good luck!

Sharing Policy:

Feel free to use these blogs as filler articles on your website, with proper crediting of course. We appreciate posting our content as embedding on other platforms and website. Just make sure the proper crediting. We’d like to know where they are used, so please communicate with us at

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

Here you accept all the terms and condition and Privacy policy of website. We have explained all the terms and conditions and privacy policy in our Privacy page. Here you you accept the above mentioned points. if you any question regarding our terms and privacy you can ask us on contact form and through emails. Please make sure that you have accepted the terms and privacy of the website