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This is a website for golf lovers under 70. We post content and articles constantly here. I my self play golf at the Age of 75 and still enjoying this game. Sometimes it feels that Age is only a number to me. I have created this website for golf lovers who plays golf at the age of 75. I will discuss here every aspect of golf and those who are playing golf for the first time or starting golf again at the age of 70 or 70 plus. If you have any issue regarding our post and articles and anything on our website feel free to discuss it with us. We are like family to each and every user and visitor of our website. We appreciate those who contact us for any business inquiry and any-other problem. This is the blog and website where you can easily discuss your passion and problem. We look forward to your positive feedback and inquiries. You can get in touch with us through contact page or you can contact us through our email. You can find the email on our privacy page under sharing policy sub heading. Thanks for reading our website articles and many more.
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You may be told you are helpless. You may be told you are useless. Whatever they try to tell you, the gist of it is that “at your age, the fun’s over.” I’m here to tell you it is not.
David Hon

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